HVACR Technician Essentials Program (240 Hours or More)

The HVACR Technician Essentials Program is a comprehensive online HVACR education program encompassing heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration. In addition to the rich selection of basics courses, each technician may choose their last course to be either 103 Basic Sheet Metal, or 191 Hydronics.It is specifically structured to provide a well-rounded introduction of the basic skills of installers and technicians who are: • Just beginning in the HVACR industry • Continuing education for upgrading knowledge and skills, or • Preparing for certifications or outcome exams: HVAC Excellence Work Ready Exams, or NATE Service Core • Preparing for state license exams that are often coupled with two or more years work experience The content presented in each course focuses on learning objectives that have been identified by HVACR industry groups (HVAC Excellence, AHRI, NATE, RSES, HARDI, PAHRA, and ACCA) as key knowledge for an HVACR technician. This program is offered completely online. Even though it is self-paced, students receive a 60 day enrollment for each course. Students are registered for one course at a time. Upon successful completion of a course (a score of 75% or higher), students may register into the next one and receive a certificate of completion. After successful completion of all fourteen courses, students receive a Certificate of Completion for the HVACR Technician Essentials Program. The courses we recommend are:

1. 101 Fundamentals

2. 102 Safety

3. 111 Electrical DC Theory Plus

4. 112 Electrical AC Theory Plus

5. 113 Electrical Common Components

6. 114 Electrical Motors

7. 121 Systems Properties & Measurement

8. 141 Refrigeration I

9. 241 Intro to Service

10. R-410A Refrigerant

11. 135 Heat Pumps

12. EPA 608 Refrigerant Usage Review

13. 133 Gas Heat I

14. Option: 103 Basic Sheet Metal OR 191 Hydronics

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